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A Brief Description

Sammy is primarily noted for the musical vitality he provided for the celluloid antics of such animation icons as Betty Boop, Popeye, Olive Oyl, Wimpy, Bluto, Superman, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Raggedy Ann and Andy to name a few.

Did you also know he wrote for many early Broadway shows and has a vast catalogue of yet unpublished works written with peers, Sammy Cahn and Buddy Kaye? Did you know he studied with Rubin Goldmark, the same teacher as George Gershwin and wrote a Jazz Rhapsody, played at the same time as Gershwin’s, “Rhapsody in Blue”? His Jazz Rhapsody also received rave reviews but was put in a drawer for all these years because he incorrectly thought there were contractual issues preventing him from playing it again.

On August 26, 1992, Sammy Timberg passed away. Shortly following, I became aware of his vast catalogue of musical works - wonderful, exciting, toe-tapping compositions that were lost in the stacks of the Library of Congress or found in old drawers and trunks.
Being Sammy Timberg’s daughter, you may find it hard to imagine why I never really understood the depths of my Dad’s career during his lifetime. His interests always focused on composing new music, looking ahead. He merely alluded to past accomplishments. Rarely did he discuss his early musical contributions for cartoons or Broadway shows.

In an effort to play the newly discovered music and share it with audiences, presentations were developed to perform it in several venues and it was more than enthusiastically received. These include a jazz and classical concert, a CD, now out, with more CD’s envisioned, nightclub engagements, an original Broadway show, still in the development stage, a documentary and an upcoming non-profit organization. We performed at cabarets, universities and corporate events. Sammy Timberg was offered tributes to his music through shows developed at Lincoln Center and The World Animation Celebration.

So meander down the by-gone era, Follow the winding paths of delightfully delectable cartoon music wizardry. Wander through the way-laid compositions from the early Broadway shows and still unpublished compositions. Enjoy, discover and explore, as I have, and see why I decided to put Back Street (the street of forgotten scores, often lost behind cartoon sound tracks) back on Main Street where they belong.

Welcome to Timberg Alley!